Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cat Eye

Oh the proverbial cat eye, how we adore thee! The Ancient Egyptians were right on the money when they began crushing fine metals, and mixing them with oils and animal fats to create the original kohl eyeliner. And we can’t forget the late greats like Ms. Monroe and Holly Golightly, better known as Audrey Hepburn, who resurrected the trend in the ‘50s. I give them all a round of applause, because if it hadn’t been for them, I don’t believe I would have ever started drawing squiggly lines on my eyes, and that would be a very sucky thing. 

I’ll occasionally dust my lids with shadow, but my everyday face paint has always been a nice clean cat eye. Love how it emphasizes the almond shape of my lids, and it’s just such a darn classic, you can never go wrong with it! There is a slight science to it, in regards to instrument and application. I suggest a liquid liner with a felt tip brush; some are skilled with the wand like brushes, but I’ve found that because it is a brush with small hairs it has the ability to leave behind wispy rifts, as opposed to felt tip brushes which deliver a clean line.   

1.   Start your line in the middle of your lash line, and slowly move your line outwards towards the outer edges of your face. 

2.   Use the edge of your lash line as a guide, following it as you near the outer corner of your eye. Once you reach the outer corner, slowly begin to sweep your brush up and outwards. Unless you want a dramatic cat eye, keep your swoop subtle, a light sweep up will do. You can add a bit more eyeliner to fill in any dramatic dip in your sweep if you’d like your cat eye to be more parallel as pictured here.

3.   If you’d like your cat eye extended to the inner corners of your eye, now is the best time to lightly fill that part of your eye in. Start at the inner corner of your eye, staying close to the lash line and keeping your line thin. Slowly extend your line until it meets the one you originally started. Repeat all steps on opposite eye.

Complete the look with a couple sweeps of mascara, dust your cheeks with blush, and your cat eye look is complete. It may appear that your eyeliner isn’t as cooperative your first few takes, but after some solid tries the look will come out just right! Hope you guys found my illustration helpful...

Double Meows!


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