Saturday, January 5, 2013

When to Let a Relationship Go!

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Expired baggage shouldn’t follow you into a new place, lest you slip back into the old again. This especially goes for unfruitful relationships. Whether it be a friendship or more intimate partnership, each of them have their time and or season to resource each of us before they depart. 
I’m guilty of indulging in expired relationships despite numerous signs urging me to kick rocks. At the sight or scent of a perishing partnership one lover self consciously begins to throw out cues to confirm the inevitable. An awareness of these indicators would have rescued me from many misleading relationships, so I interviewed some folks to get their opinions on what to look for when it’s time to move on, and break the trend of dating seasonal lovers beyond their season. To avoid overburdening you, I narrowed it down to the ten major indicators of when it may be time to let your partner go.
WARNING: These points are directed towards dating couples, married people, I'm not sure I can help you.
  1. Instead of growing together you find yourself solely conforming to his/her routine.
  2. Once consistent behavior becomes extremely inconsistent and or no longer seems important to he/she with no mature reason why: that includes communication, calling, spending time together, being involved with one another, etc.
  3. When his/her spirituality is irreconcilable with your own beliefs. (“ Two can’t walk together lest they be agreed”).
  4. If he/she leaves too many open options regarding who you are to them, or it’s going on several months and you’re still questioning whether or not you two are exclusive.
  5. When you’re time together is spent only engaging in sexual activity.
  6. If he/she doesn’t value your opinion or believe you have anything to offer intellectually or spiritually, (no growth).
  7. If you only miss one another when you’re lonely.
  8. When he/she is no longer concerned with how they treat you, and the disrespect grows with no regard to your feelings or how you’re being affected.
  9. When he/she is apprehensive about discussing plans for the future involving you two as a couple.
  10. And lastly, when you’re constantly questioning why the hell you’re still there?

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