Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where Am I?

Photos By: Carmen Daneshmandi

Happy New Year Ya’ll! So excited that it’s 2013; something about this moment feels pivotal, and I plan to walk in expectation for whatever it may be.

I wish I could boast about resorting it up in some tropical haven like Antigua or Barbados, but I’m simply at the Volunteer Park Conservatory or greenhouse here in Seattle. A colleague of mine recently asked me if I’d be interested in partaking in a feature premiering in People Mag come spring and you know I was all for it! I needed an opportunity to pretend I was enjoying lush warm weather in the dead of winter. Unfortunately this is about as much as I can show and tell you at the present time, but expect a follow-up. The '50s style, accordion pleats skirt and metallic shoes are some of my favorite pieces. The skirt is by the Queen of draping herself, Donna Karen, and the shoes by Report. Damn, this whole look is really making me anxious for spring; if only I was somewhere warm where I could get away with it...would Seattlietes find it odd if I dressed for spring a season early?

Meow! Onward march...

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