Friday, December 28, 2012

How would you like to enter the New Year?

Photo by: Carmen Daneshmandi

Resolutions concerning good health and the like are fabulous, but without a change in one’s mindset you find yourself quickly resorting back to your old ways midway through the year. [#bust]

I noticed this 2 years ago when I found myself committing to New Year’s resolutions that just never stuck. It was frustrating; why wasn’t I able to follow through with what I set out to do each year? I realized that although I had physically changed my old actions and habits, my old mindset stayed the same.

It isn’t enough to simply alter how you go about conducting yourself because the real magic happens in the command center of your own mind, and that’s where the true change has to begin. The mindset you exit the old year with and enter the New Year in has the ability to throw an extremely large monkey wrench into your 2013 resolutions and or plans if you aren’t aware of the change that has to take place in your own mind.

When I first made a point to start changing my mindset in order to manifest the change I wanted to see, it seemed, better yet it sounded impossible! How could I think differently when I had thought one way my whole life? Not so. I started by just saying no to an old way of thinking and yes to a new one. I remember telling myself “this year I’m going to________” (insert something you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could), and shortly after I started doing it! It’s the power of the mind and the ability it has to manifest whatever you think or believe it to. The same applies to New Year’s weight loss goals, starting your own business or conquering your fears - they’re all possible! It starts with your thoughts.

Here’s to exiting 2012 with a refreshed mindset, and entering 2013 manifesting divine changes the whole year through! Meoooww
Happy New Year ya'll, can't wait to see you in 2013...


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