Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The New Year Dress List

The New Year is almost here, and along with a laundry list of resolutions comes the dress we enter 2013 in. This is no ordinary dress; it can’t be, because of a very interesting hypothesis that claims the way we exit the old year is an example of how we might enter the new one, so let's do so in style! With that in mind I styled 5 chic dresses from 3 style groups to assist you with your look for the New Year: the eco-friendly girl with boho charm, the trendy party-monster, and the quirky sophisticate. Here we go...

The Eco-Friendly Bohemian 

Dresses and accessories from Velouria Boutique, Seattle WA.

The refined free spirit with a taste for modern charm. Not so much into what she might label trendy fashion, you’ll spot her sporting vintage or eco-friendly pieces from small town designers with big time talent. Svelte cotton jersey dresses that easily transition from work to play, and classic ‘50s cuts are her saving grace. Friends envy her unfettered sense of style, and are constantly perusing her wardrobe in hopes of undergoing their own Cinderella story, but no one wears the look better than she does. She’ll keep it simple this New Year in the chicest, most adorable way possible.  

The Trendy Party-Monster

Dresses and accessories from Bliss Boutique, Seattle WA.

She has the trend game on lock. Think hip, PYT (pretty, young, thing), on the scene dipped in the latest styles: leopard print platforms, an envelope clutch and sleek oversized blazer. She wears a backless anything better than anyone, and is always primed to the 9 in whatever’s splattered in the latest magazines. This New Year she’ll don the traditional bodycon disco ball inspired sequin dress and waltz into the party a hair before midnight. It won’t start until she gets there anyway.

The Sophisticate 

Dresses and accessories from The Clothing Company, Seattle WA.

Unlike her eco-friendly counterpart, this style maven enjoys pulling inspiration from mainstream fashion in hopes of creating her own signature look. Dressed in popular brands she’s rarely on the scene, but when she does step out she’s impeccably styled. A savvy shopper with a fabulously trained eye, you’ll find her modeling the most unexpected dress that she discovered at the most unexpected place, and she’ll probably do it again this New Year.

Which look best represents you this New Year?

By the way, hope you had a bomb Christmas...Meow!

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