Saturday, June 9, 2012

Make-Up Stuff

Hola everyone, I’m officially in ATL. for the Style Bloggers of Color Conference and as expected, it’s dummy hott hurr!  Follow me on Twitter at borabora_style and on Instagram & Facebook at Bora Bora Style as I document the merriments and sightings of my trip!

Got some newbie’s in the bag that I wanted to share with you all.  I was once a religious MAC user but in the last year began experimenting with various brands and have been pleasantly surprised.

A new all time favorite is Make-Up Forever’s “Full Cover” concealer.  Good gawd does this stuff work miracles, especially since my skin began experiencing minor technical difficulties.  It does cost a pretty penny, but will last forever – its longevity ceases to amaze me!  Origins “Quick, Hide” is a gem too.  It’s a long lasting, organic concealer – I’m guessing that means its chemical content is a hair lower than its competitor – all and all I like the stuff.  I use it under my eyes and it literally lasts 48 hours: tested while in Chelan.  

Now, on to the pink cheek stuff.  I’m sensitive about my blush shit.  It has to be just right, and I rarely stray away from my usual.  But after my sister, the formerly no chemicals to face advocate, began sporting some uber flirty pinched pink ones, I thought I’d step my game up.  Smashbox’s blush in “Heartbreak” is the perfect hue of coral for darker skin tones.  I kid you not, this stuff is the stuff!  Lastly is the ultimate “Lash Injection” by Too Faced.  Collagen for them lashes!  Another suggestion from mi hermana.  Your lashes will be fuller, longer and just plain bomb with this stuff.

Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions. Xoxo



  1. Now I want to try makeup forever's concealer. Too bad I just got one from Clinique.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  2. lovely products! xx