Friday, February 22, 2013

Flywheel Fitness: Get Your Beach Body, Olympic Gold Medalist Approved!

FlyBarre Instructor Demonstrating FlyBarre Pose

In addition to bucket loads of sweat, but acquiring a bikini body does require some salty sacrifices, one would assume, but 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Mary Whipple would attest that the sweat is all part of the game! Girl Power Hour (GPH) hosted there annual Fit and Fab event Thursday February 21 at the Flywheel Sports studio in Bellevue. Thanks for having me GPH; if not for you I would have never discovered this rare fitness gem. Olympic coxswain, Mary Whipple – the crew member that sits at the stern, steering the boat and coordinating the rhythm and power of his/her fellow rowers – attended her first Flywheel Fitness class shortly before departing to London for the most recent Olympics. Soon after, and not by happenstance I’m sure, Whipple was invited by the Flywheel corporate team to begin instructing classes due, in large part, to her incredible leadership abilities as a coxswain. I mean the woman holds 2 Olympic gold medals plus a silver, can you imagine attending one of her classes? And if you live in Washington State, you don’t have to imagine it. You can sign up for a class with Ms. Whipple at the Bellevue Flywheel Sports studio and get the best body ever! With Mary it’s really a no fail deal.

2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Mary Whipple

Why Flywheel?

Unlike ordinary cycling classes, Flywheel uses state of the art, tailor-made bikes, complete with mini computers that assess your resistance (torq), speed (rpm), and overall power that all equates to a total calorie burn. It’s also a full body workout packed in a short 45 minute class. What really frosted my cookies was that as a rider, I’m able to control each of the aforementioned features to create a unique experience, while continuing to flow with the instructor and the rest of my class. It's like being a part of a power packed crew team! I have my coxswain shouting out directions and powering the overall atmosphere, while I’m setting the speed based on my ability and the impact of my team. “Flywheel is special because of the comradery it creates” says Whipple; “you can feed off of one another, and essentially power each other while cycling in the dark.” Oh yea, forgot to mention that part: Flywheel fitness classes are in the dark, lights out. I’m not sure if that’s exclusive to the Bellevue studio alone but it sounds awesome, not to mention each class is further stimulated by a mastered play list of music cuts, I'd hope. Imagine toning your entire body, to bomb music, in a dimly lit room, with Mary Whipple. I’m kind of sold.

FlyBarre Instructor Demonstrating FlyBarre Pose

Don’t forget Flybarre

You may have heard of the ever popular barre method. That super freaky workout that includes everything from a ballet bar, resistance bands, exercise balls, and your own body weight. That alone piqued my curiosity. Flywheel Fitness also features FlyBarre, 45 minutes to an hour of intense body sculpting, high energy, fluid like dance movements. FlyBarre instructor Ale Madera describes it as “Pilates on speed.” “You’re working alot of smaller, supportive muscles throughout the class while singling out your core” say Madera. “It’s definitely a mind over matter type workout;” and I’d expect so with all the light pulsating poses that at the time make you want to rip off a finger nail. Classes change daily, so never expect to take the same one twice, lastly, the class is led by a pretty intense music mix to get you focusing on the beats instead of your throbbing muscles. Keep chanting “pain is beauty, pain is beauty, pain is beauty!”

Words of Wisdom from Mary Whipple herself!

“The best way to get active and fit is to first find a supportive community to do so and go for it! As a coxswain, it was empowering rowing with my team members with only the water around us; that type of community and support will always be a motivator.” I hear that Mary. Whether it's Flywheel Fitness, yoga, running, or break dancing, you’ll always see results when you find a fitness community that best suits and supports you. And for you world changers that desire to step out on a limb in your business, career, and or field, this is what Mary would say to you: “just try it; you’ll never know the potential that awaits you until you do. Seize that moment, and don’t let it get away...” Spasiba Mary! What a pleasure it was breathing in the same air as you these past 48 hours. Also, big thanks to Girl Power Hour for having me.

I’ve yet to try Flywheel Sports, but I’m now intrigued. If I do I’ll keep you posted, if you try it first keep me in the loop! Bye for now. Meow.

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