Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yoga Adventures


My yoga adventures officially began in 2009 when I was flip flopping through studios in an effort to utilize there new student discounted rates. [#brokecollegestudent] That lasted until studio staff started to recognize me, and by then I had no chose but to abandon said studios before I was blacklisted! [#thatshitcray] Not long after I found my Bikram home studio and knew it was love! 

For those that may be wondering, Bikram Yoga or “hot yoga” is the practice of yoga in a heated room, 105°F to be exact!  Founded by Bikram Choudhury in the early 70’s, the sessions last 90 minutes which throughout you flow through a total of 26 postures.  Now before you get your panties in a bunch hear me out.  It is not that...unbearableYes the room is bloody hot.  You will inevitably fall out of postures, and there may come a time when you consider strangling the seasoned yogi in front of you mastering their “head-to-knee” pose.  But all is not lost, because every yoga veteran, instructor, uber flexible skinny bitch etc. started at the same place!  There are no beginners or advanced classes.  The only climb you focus on is the one in your own mind.  You set the bar as to how you will advance in the class and in a posture every time you practice; your growth depends on you young grasshopper.  Let’s say the 1st week you miserably failed at locking your knee and raising your foot for a pose, but by the 3rd week not only is your knee locked, but you’re lifting a leg that you once thought you were incapable of lifting!  It’s magic, no it’s better, it’s the power of your mind and body and the wonders they can do when they work together! 

My apologizes for failing to mention that in addition to strengthening your mind, your body is immediately whipped into shape through yoga.  It’s also a natural detoxifier and helps strengthen weak muscles as opposed to other workouts that do the opposite.  Research Bikram Yoga or “hot yoga” studios in your area.  It’s become an epidemic so they aren’t hard to find.  Give it a test drive for at least 3 weeks to see how you enjoy it and remember to drink lots of water the day before class.  You may suffer through your 1st few classes, but after enduring them you will undoubtedly feel amaze-balls!  I pinky-promise.  Meow

What You’ll Need
-        1-2 room temperature bottles of water
-        Yoga mat
-        Large towel
-        Minimal clothing 

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