Friday, November 2, 2012

The Look of Au' Natural

Allow me to introduce the look of Au’Natural, or as close as I currently get to it!  Notice that the left side of my face appears buttery smooth, eyebrows primed with my lip stain “popping” While the right side of my face is oddly freckled, with under eyes petitioning for rest, and lips edging on the verge of chapped.  I underwent this rather uncomfortable performance to present my skin Au’Natural with make-up and without.  One might assume that there’s no such thing as skin Au’Natural with make-up, but my friend there is indeed!  It’s my little secret, but I’ll share it with you.

Some years ago I was the girl with the face full of make-up – I adored vibrant eye shadows and took pleasure in 'mermaid-fying' my eyes each day.  I was also obsessed with my brows and constantly over plucked, lastly my lip gloss was always popping thanks to my uber shiny $.99 store “Glassy Gal”.  Eventually I just grew tired of the process and the look.  What would I tell my future husband when I took off my Princess Ariel face at night?  “Oh, she’ll be back at 9am”!  Plus life became to hectic to keep up with my makeup.  And so birthed the look of Au’Natural.

Now this look basically involves using as little makeup as possible to cover your blemishes and highlight your beauty bonuses.  It’s an especially nice regime when fall and winter come along when minimal makeup is just easier!

What You’ll Need
-        Light weight concealer
-        Under-eye concealer
-        Mascara
-        Blush
-        Powder
-        Concealer brush (looks like a paint brush/far left)
-        Powder brush (middle brush)
-        Blush brush (far right)


Now if the good Lord blessed you with flawless skin or you’re not a makeup gal, Amen!  I hope to be a part of your fan club soon.  If you don’t really wear makeup but would if there were a “minimal makeup” option, this is muy perfecto for you!

Basically start with a light weight concealer, I use Clinique’s “Acne Solutions”.  Dab a dime sized amount on the back of your hand (it warms the concealer and makes it apply smoother) and apply a generous amount on your concealer brush.  Touch up the primal areas, including your cheeks, chin and forehead where it’s needed.  Don’t overdo it!  A thin layer is all you need.  If you have under-eye issues like moi’ take your under-eye concealer, I use Origins “Quick Hide”, and once again dab some on the back of your hand.  Remember when purchasing under-eye concealer to be sure it’s a shade lighter than the concealer you use for your face.  Use your index finger to dab underneath your eye and blend.  Then set your concealer by brushing a little powder on your face in round circle motions.  One quick application is enough.  After, take your blush brush and gently tap a bit of blush on the brush and apply to the highest part of your cheek bones, (the best way to identify them is to make a fishy face and where ever your cheek bones appear is where you aim).  This only takes one application as well.  Then end the look with a couple swipes of mascara and you’re good to go!  For my lips I keep it simple and just add a raspberry colored lip stain and top it off with Vaseline or wear a tinted lip balm.  Feel free to prim your brows it you’d like, but I’ll have to save that for another post – it’s a tutorial all its own! 

Hope you enjoy your Au’Natural look!  Sashay Shante’!  Meow.

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