Friday, October 26, 2012

The Pagoda Sleeves Coat

Remember the last “TrendingStyle post I did?  Do you also recall the “Spaceman” trend which basically included outrageously over-sized and architectural outwear?  Well here’s an example! 

I didn’t purchase this coat with the trend in mind; it happened by chance you see, which I love.  I also love anything that looks as if I’m swimming in it, so this trend and I are getting along swell!  The coat was a very nifty vintage find.  I assume that it’s a copycat of a 60’s Bonnie Cashin coat.  For those unfamiliar with the designer she’s one of the most significant American sportswear pioneers of all time – she also coined the brass toggle latch for the coveted Coach handbag in the 1960s!  Ladies a beast, and although this coat isn’t necessarily one of her designs, I’m just as pleased to have found a look alike.

If you like the style keep the silhouette in mind – it’s called the “Spaceman” trend for a reason.  Think minimal and futuristic but bulbous!  Take the anomaly all the way.  Remember go big or go home.

Happy Halloween "muuuaahhhhh" (my corny Count Dracula laugh)! MEow.

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