Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Local Meandering


Enter the portal of my social escapades this past weekend!  I would compare said events to that of a circus, complete with elaborate costumes, modern day gypsies, freaky contortionists and funhouses

At the start of the weekend plans were whittled down to an evening stroll.  I’d meander around town with friends in hopes of discovering, well basically anything!  I was feeling quite wander-lusty' that day.  The 2nd annual Seattle “Lit Crawl” for literary freaks like myself was taking place and was coincidentally hosting gigs all over town.  Not far off, the gay bar Purr was celebrating its 16th or something anniversary complete with cake pops, drag queens and a huge pussycat shaped ice sculpture – score!  Atop the Century Ballroom building the floors shook compliments of the salsa dancing fiesta taking place upstairs, and of course the streets were alive with all types of humorously sketchy activity.

Later in the weekend the EMP hosted its extravagant “Worn to be Wild” exhibition and fashion show sponsored by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine detailing the birth of the very rebellious black leather jacket.  Leather never looked so good in so many places – strapped on one’s feet, wrapped in their hair, straddling their nether regions (the male models definitely brought the pizzazz) – the show was beyond entertaining.  Fashion gods like Jean Paul Gaultier, Comme des Garcons, Versace and others showcased some of their novelty works detailing the brilliancy of the black leather jacket.  I must say the Comme des Garcons’ transparent plastic biker style jacket had me faint!

Other parts of the evenings were spent over dinner with new friends, and in my books with old ones

Till we meet again mi amors’.  Meow. 

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