Saturday, December 8, 2012

80's Baby

I've become rather cynical concerning the current dress market available. By default I'm more experimental with my wardrobe in hopes of conserving my savings and out of amusement. The 80's baby and 90's wild child in me gravitated towards this once "fufu" reworked 80's dress and 90's studded jean jacket. Years ago the critic in me would've sneered at this dress but all I see now is a fabulous opportunity to play real life dress up. I'm enjoying both the dress and jacket. It's like a re-vamped LBD (little black dress) with a hint of Kelly Kapowski, and I truly appreciate the jean jacket for adding much needed unexpected sparkle. It’s funny what happens once you expand your style palette or any palette for that matter and come to find that you actually adore what you once thought you cared nothing about... Meow.


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