Friday, November 30, 2012

Aqua Eyes


So for awhile there I retired from extravagant eye makeup. I used to be really talented at the sport but then I went to college and found that nothing was worth sacrificing 45 minutes of extra sleep. Inevitably the pathways of my brain mildly forgot the trade, but with a few refresher courses I plan to pick it back up again.

This was a simple attempt at a cool aqua eye. This cerulean blue color is great because it pops against any skin color! I wanted a bit of an ombre effect and added a touch of silver but you can keep it all blue if you like.

What You’ll Need

-        Angled eyeliner brush
-        Eye shadow brush
-        Blue liquid eyeliner
-        Aqua blue or ice blue eye shadow
-        Smoky black eye shadow

First prep your eyelids with primer or concealer, (works just as well as primer at keeping your shadow in place). Lightly wet your eye shadow brush with water and dip into your blue eye shadow – the water actually gives most eye shadows a smudgy consistency which allows it to apply smoother. Gently dab throughout your lid slowly blending at the same time. Sometimes blending with your index finger actually works better. Remember to blend away any harsh lines.

Gently dot the inside corners of your eyes with a small touch of blue eye shadow using your index finger. Then lightly wet your angled eyeliner brush and dip in your blue shadow. Begin lining your lower lash line with the angled brush from the inner corner of your under eye. End by blending the shadow along your lower lash line through with your finger to achieve a smudgy look. Lightly wet your eye shadow brush again, this time dipping it in your black shadow. Warning: you don’t need a lot of this color, only enough to achieve a very natural and well blended smoky look. Dab just a bit of the black shadow to the outer parts of your lids using your shadow brush being sure to blend. Follow up the look with a cool aqua blue cat eye with your blue liquid liner or feel free to substitute it with black if you’d like a contrast.

It’s a chill style and from what I hear it’s all the rave on the Spring 2013 runways, not like I’ve been peeking or anything? Anywho give it try and see how it works for you. Let me know how it goes and look forward to more decadent eye tutorials in the future!


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