Friday, October 5, 2012

What it Might Mean to be a Woman

A real woman never tells because the answer is almost impossible.  Women are made of far too much matter to have our gender systematically broken down.  That would suck all the fun out of a very mysterious species and what a bore that would be. 
What I can tell you is that what dwells in the mind of a woman, I can assure you the next woman will know.  You see our experiences go hand and hand, and at least 4 out 5 of us have been through the same one or experienced similar emotions.  Same shit, different day.  It’s just a matter of quantifying when the proverbial “pin” will drop and who will squeal first!  You may be assessing the fact that women chatter and gossip constantly with one another and my answer would be yes we do, but mostly concerning light and momentary things that inadvertently spike our adrenaline.  The other stuff, the things we refuse to let others see, we “double O7” that shit!

If I can say anything about what it means to be a woman it is that we are Olympic Gold Medalists at suppressing...whatever it is that we suppress.  We will continue to find hidden compartments within our own conscious to squeeze our concerns into until we’re we’ll over the airport baggage standard of 50lbs.  To the contrary, we will gladly pay the additional fees necessary to tote our additional baggage around. Judge if you must, but it’s extremely difficult to relieve oneself of that extra wardrobe full of unworn chunky sweaters you believe you have a use for despite “forgetting” to put that use into practice!  The same goes for the things we conceptualize in our minds; sometimes it seems almost impossible to let them go.  Until the first one speaks up.  Ok, I’ll be the first.  Now let’s get rid of some shit!


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