Monday, October 1, 2012

A Girls Guide

Bonjour ladies and gentleman, I’m backkk!  And with my return comes various modifications, mini epiphanies if you will, but all for the good of this lovely blog and the beautiful people who follow it! 

The first and most important change comes in the form of a name.  Bora Bora Style is now BBS.  A name houses tremendous power and I found that Bora Bora Style, although delightfully cute at the time, wasn't packing much!  The original url and social media taglines will remain the same for your convenience, but in due time BBS will rein supreme. 

In addition to the quintessential name change comes an adjustment in content.  Be warned, things are going to get pretty unfiltered.  As a woman surviving this day and age, in this economy I’ve realized we require information beyond the scope of our personal style.  Don't fret, we'll still explore the art of fashion and creating a sustainable signature look, in addition to other "causalities" women experience daily! That includes but is not limited to, sustaining healthy relationships, escaping dating purgatory, stretching the hell out of a penny, maneuvering the "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll" lifestyle that has become our generation, finding spiritual and physical wellness, understanding ones power and purpose, and artistic individualism and influence.

As a precursor to some and a disclaimer to others, I am a Believer and may confront the topics discussed on this here blog from the point of view of one who believes in Christ.  We'll soon uncover what that looks like because I'm currently not to sure, but plan to roll with the punches...

I hope to transform this blog into the ultimate “Girls Guide”, a place women visit to be edified and discuss real life, with a real bitch, or excuse me, young lady!  Because sometimes a girl needs a guide.  Tell your frenemies! 



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