Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Prairie Girl

Shirt: Re-worked Vintage/ Shorts: Express/ Shoes: Rampage/ Earrings: Vintage/ Bucket Bag: Volcom

Don’t you just love a pretty, my little pony type horse, complete with cotton candy colored mane and glitter toenail polish?  Such an animal and I did not inhabitant the same space at the time of these photos, but because it’s my prairie I decided to play a little make believe. 

As was announced I’m still going strong with my fashion strike, and much to my surprise the sun decided to cooperate today.  It poured its light and heat onto the city, and left every door ajar and every window cracked.  Hallelujah!  I thought I’d be forced to contrive a mob and issue a petition, but the sun loves me too much to let it have come to that!

I wore this super light weight vintage re-worked blouse.  What I adore most is the detail along the collar and cuff.  A little daintier than what I normal go for but somehow I couldn’t resist!  I thought since I was going Shirley Timple type cute, might as well add a bow to seal the deal.  Such a fun twist to the casual summer ensemble.  Hopefully I made both Shirley and the sun proud! 

Hope you had a beautiful Fourth of July.  By the way I got the most incredible shot of the city’s fireworks show on the lake from my friends’ fantastic view.  Check it out on the Bora Bora Style FB page if you haven’t already, or Twitter if you're following me!  Xoxox

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