Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Banana Dress

Reworked Dress, Sandals, Rhinestone Belt: Vintage

Easter may have passed but the pastel trend is alive and well!  Per my usual, I added a twist to the popular hue of the summer with this vintage re-worked dress.  Some bravado, if you will, to what could have been considered an aged 80’s dress.  Make no mistake, there’s very little “old” in this pleated, drop waist play thing. It’s so "new" its ions ahead, but not without help from your friendly neighborhood shears and sewing machine. It’s like silicone valley for the garment and it’s highly addictive! Long live the banana dress; I call it that because for some reason it reminds me of one?  Must be that darn pastel. 

Check out more pics on the BBS FB page and Twitter.  Aaahhhh (calming exhale), it's Saturday ya'll, enjoy!  xoxox 

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