Monday, July 9, 2012

Forbidden Fruit

Dress: Vintage/ Infinity Necklace: Gifted

I spend a lot of time in the car.  I mean more than the average person.  Seems like I’ve always got a point a, b, c and d to get to on any given day, and lately one would assume I was racking up the entire alphabet from the looks of my odometer!  On occasion the car serves as a resting place, reading nook, meditation space and on this given day, a lounge.  Now I’m not homeless, minus a bad case of wanderlust.  I’ve got the home base down, or as down as you can be under the roof of the parentals, (oh the woes of post graduate) but a home nonetheless.  When on the road, the car substitutes as an economy sized travel vessel.  If I have a minute, and on a day like today there were several, I grab some fresh produce and pop a squat on the rear hood.  It might actually beat the perks of a lounge because it’s all mine.  Now all I need is a cocktail.

Happy Monday <3  XoXoX

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