Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The White Abyss

Shirt: Sisters Closet/ Shorts: Vintage DIY/ Shoes: Rampage

Don’t be fooled, there is little heat emanating from that sky and I refuse to take part in its dress cold, (I meant to say cold, flow with me for a second)!  That’s right, I’m calling a strike.  “A DRESS DESPITE THE REST” strike, otherwise known as forget the sun – until it shows face – and in the meantime sport the shorts regardless! 

This Monday the strike began.  I came, I conquered, I wore daisy dukes!  For those of you following BBS from other parts of the globe where sunshine quantities exceed the 2/7 ratio (2 days of sunshine out of the week), would you kindly share?  Is our angst not felt?  I mean, can we get some love over here?  I’d like to melt as well, and contrary to my own beliefs, perspirate excessively thanks to hefty amounts of sunshine.

Let the strike commence!  Be prepared to see me in shorts for the rest of the week despite what the sun decides to do with itself.  
By the way happy 4th of July!  I love the 4th because you can always count on festive cupcakes.  Y'all come back now, ya hear!  Xox 

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