Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the Details

There’s something about the way one adorns themselves that refuses to go unnoticed.  Without ever uttering a word the subject somehow belts out “look at me look at me!” and by default we do the unthinkable, we look – damn!  This was one of those moments.  The strategic placement of her raised cigarette.  The uncanny precision of her crimson lipstick, which is obviously smudge proof because I see no detection of it along the filter of her cigarella.  The slight flare of the brim of her hat and those sunglasses!  I didn’t only glance, I stared the poor girl down! Luckily my gawking was well received and I was granted access to snap some shots.

A new feature I’d like to introduce to the blog as I’ve come to notice, it’s all “in the details.”

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