Friday, July 20, 2012


Lace Slip Dress & Knit Sweater: Vintage/ Shoes: Bakers/ Quartz Earring: Webalina

I’m having a babydoll moment.  “Babydoll” as in the 1950’s satirical comedy about an old Mississippi cotton-gin owner who weds a rambunctious 19 year old virgin (named Babydoll), who up until their presumed consummation continues to sleep in an adult sized crib, suck her thumb and prance around in the most darling vintage nighties.  If you lost me after “Mississippi cotton-gin owner” I highly recommend seeing the movie; no explanation in the world could properly interpret the sweet amusement of this film!

Anywho, the nightgowns worn by the lead actress are bloody adorable – if you haven’t heard, I’m obsessed with frilly negligee and when it’s vintage, that obsession turns manic.  This vintage silk nightgown is one of my favorites!  It’s so precious that I almost refuse to actually wear it.  Literally, it’s seen the light of day like twice.  I feel so dainty in it.  I have a little of “Babydolls” character in me, and when I put on this dress, the “little” quickly emerges.  Isn’t it just grand how clothes can do that?  Bring out the “crazy, sexy, cool” in you.  Ignore my TLC moment, but you feel me.  I hope?  

Have a lovely weekend!  xoxoxo

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