Saturday, May 12, 2012


Plaid Wrap: FYLO/ White Tank: Random/ Red Cropped Pants: Express/ Shoes: Anne Taylor

Nothing like a refreshing glass of ruby red punch to help soak up a nice afternoon.  I plan on enjoying many a days doing just that throughout the entire summer!  Outta punch?  Bring me lemonade instead.  The juicers broken?  Well hell, just get me any drinkable, saccharine like confection served over ice and I’ll be good, as long as there’s a tiny umbrella included!

Times like these remind me of back when I was a little girl in Atlanta.  On steamy, hot days (basically everyday), the whole neighborhood - or so it appeared - would chill on our front porch chuckling away with a chilled beverage in hand, usually made by yours truly.  At times we’d stay out till nightfall in pursuit of fireflies to collect in our sticky jars and carry as nightlights!  No worries, they're rapid reproducers.  At the scent of summer my heart always wanders back to that place and everything summer signified.  What beautiful moments those were, I can’t wait to start archiving some new ones!  “Cheers to the freakin weekend” ya’ll, “take a shot for me!”


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