Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Play Date

Play date at the home of spiritually estranged, yet re-united friend, Helene.  Her energy and talent is waters deep dope!  Self taught seamstress, almost 99.9% of everything she wears she’s handmade by taking things apart and putting them back together again.  How new age humpty dumpty of her.  She’s recently taken her deconstruction talents to new avenues with the incorporation of “spiking” as I like to call it – basically customizing some of your favorite ish with outrageous spike and stud work.  My leather and suede jacket is next in line, as well as my now open toed converse all stars.  Super Pumped!  You may have seen her most recent work of spiked Jeffrey Campbells splashed all over there page.  If not, check them out HERE or visit NomiHelene Custom Designs on FB.  

Au revoir mi-lads! xoxo

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