Friday, May 18, 2012


Tshirt, Levi’s, Impo Heels: Vintage/ Denim Tote: Gifted

I don’t know about you but MJ’s “Thriller” video use to scare me shitless when I was a little girl, and upon seeing this shirt, I realized still does.  It was a love hate relationship; the video scared me, but I looooveed watching it, kind of like the scary movies you knew you shouldn’t have watched as a kid, the ones you were warned not to watch, but you'd watch every chance you got anyway and be to frightened to move afterwards!  That alone served as a confirmation that I had to have this shirt, and out respect for the late great!  Of course I cut the sucker (the shirt), up per my usual vintage tshirt routine.  I can’t get enough of it.  I love it so much shit scares me!  

Wore this look earlier this week with my vintage clear paneled Impo heels and DIY cut off Levi’s.   

Have a thriller kind of day, "cuz this is thriller, thriller night!" xoxo

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