Friday, April 13, 2012

Plaid Rich

Plaid Flannel Wrap: FYLO/ Chambray Top: Buffalo Exchange Consignment/ Flared Denim: American Rag/ Boots: Vintage/ Plaid Umbrella: Ralph Lauren 

“If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops, oh what a rain it would be!  I’d stand outside with my mouth open wide, Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh!”

Past look from earlier this week when I was found in the midst of some light spring rain.  For all of you wondering, I am guilty!  I was a victim of Barney and Friends at a young age and still hold this song near and dear – don’t judge, Baby Bop was cool as hell!!

Adios mi amigos!  xoxo 

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  1. Im not judging at all. That song is ridiculously fun to sing. Great rainy day outfit. Its supposed to rain here tomorrow, still thinking about what I'll wear.


  2. I know I love it! Checking out your blog to see your rainy day attire!