Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PAPER or Plastic?

Clear Raincoat: Hello Kitty for F21/ Top: F21/ Favorite Jeans: Hint Denim/ Leather Belt: Ex/ Studded Shoes: Las Vegas

No no, I haven’t wrapped myself in cellophane (although I was mildly tempted), I did happen to wrap myself in another sort of clear plastic!  This here clear raincoat, how 1960’s of me.  I felt like I was wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak all day long.  Accidentally colliding into random objects and pedestrians trying to enjoy the after shower sun; my only response was to stare at them in disbelief when they looked at me with confusion.  “You can see me?” was my first thought.  Apparently yes they could, very much so.  But hey, it was an amusing day and I went with it!  Take heed, wearing a clear plastic coat is like walking around with your own personal sauna attached to your body.  I learned the hard way so you don’t have to!  One word: ventilation.

Got this dime piece when I last visited Miami.  She’s something special, but I recently discovered her ultimate competitor - the Angelina to my here Jennifer, and she's one bad... “shut yo mouth!”  Wait till you see this collection, yes collection, of clear plastic goodness, equipped with all kinds of groovy bells and whistles, (ventilation) – can you say jack pot!  I’ll update you soon mi lads!  Have a lovely Wednesday. xoxo

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