Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Images That Make Life So Damn Pretty


My Life.

For the moments you lied and wished you didn’t.  For that walk of shame and the unforgettable night that preceded it.  For savoring sweet conversations over even sweeter confections.  For the never ending fights with your best friends.  For the adventures with your best friends.  For love songs.  For midnights.  For growing up fast and alone.  For God.  For mercy.  For family. For not giving a f88k. For forgiveness.  For vintage. For the night you partied till morning and did it again the next day.  For understanding who you are and being ok with it.  For talking a lot. For talking too little.  For the ex boyfriend that taught us everything we know.  For the ex’s that remain platonic.  For dreaming.  For life.

Love y’all. xox

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