Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Apologies

Ladies, why the hell are we so hostile when it comes to our image?  It appears that anything that strikes a cord that is somehow inter-related to an insecurity wire in the maze of our makeup immediately sparks a flame.  I’m guilty of it, hell you may even call it the story of my life!  But I’ve learned it’s not easy being a woman, let alone being your own woman.  And somewhere, at sometime we’re going to have to be, duh duh duhhh, ourselves – ish sounds serious, I know!  

Growing up your "average" Naija Southern belle, and making the transition into a rebellious Seattleite at the height of my teenage years - whoa is me, those years were a trip - was not the easiest.  But contrary to all you naysayers, whoever you are, I survived!  And now I'm hitting my early 20's with ease, gulp, I kid!  It's not easy coming into you're own, that's the adventure of it.  Your style takes that trip with you, and should be a comical, yet healing marker as to who you are throughout your evolution. Boy has mine come a long way, and it's bloody mind boggling to see where it's going. Although the growing pains of 'ladyhood' may drive me bonkers, my style has no hindrances.  It unexpectedly does what it does, while doing me all at the same time. 

Let your image be an extension of you, and your uniquely incandescent chemical makeup.  It's all good if others don't get it, or worse, perceive that you didn't get it just "right," because you were being true, and, unbeknownst to them, they'll have to be as well.  So be you ma, while taking into account that it takes about a century longer than the best even skin tone cream out there for such a task to reach perfection.  Do so with no apologies, no hesitations or ill will.  Just simply be, and do it the best way you know how.  Hey man, that’s better than good enough.  xox

Smile, you’re on bloggers camera!

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