Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Let the Sea Set You Free"


Sometime ago I was introduced to the Roxy: “Let the Sea Set You Free” Brand Ambassador challenge.  Roxy is the very youthful and free-spirited kid sister of Quiksilver, the surf, ski and snowboarding company.  Once I heard about the challenge the heavens opened up and God, doing his God thing, let me know that I had a sure shot!  I was formally introduced to the brand when I first moved to Seattle from Atlanta as a young girl, and immediately fell in love with what it stood for!

I created this short video submission, and aside from the horrible audio, it does a pretty good job of capturing signature characteristics, (toot toot)!  Dude, it would be mind boggling if I was given the opportunity to be a Roxy Brand Ambassador.  I have so many things to share with the brand.  Plus learning and growing with the Roxy surf team, man there are no words to describe how bloody amazing that would be! For now, enjoy the video and leave a comment HERE, Spasiba and mucho love! 

Have a wonderful Saturday and a lovely Easter! xox

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