Friday, March 2, 2012

Take Me With You

Fringe Rap & Velvet Sash: Vintage/ Heels: Adrienne Vittadini

Back in MoScow afteR 3 Very delightFUL Days in St. Petersburg. I’ll be bidding Russia farewell come the morning, and originally planned to do so quietly over dinner with Love and her friends, but she thought otherwise.  A friend of Love’s is having a very intimate and very “exclusive” (her words not mine), exhibition, and feels that’s the best way to make my departure from Russia: liquored up and immersed in art – it’s no Gagosian museum but it sounds pretty good...sold!

My Auntie Coco gifted this very beautiful and very special velvet embossed vintage rap to me for Christmas.  I’ve worn it once accordingly but desperately wanted to turn it into a 20’s style, drop waist frock for this evenings festivities, and with the help of some needle and thread and a sash, I did! 

It was certainly a night, better yet, an experience to remember.  Unlike Tokyo, Russia has a familiar warmth about its people, although it appears to be an incredibly cold place.  They’re naturally abrasive initially, but once they’ve opened there eyes to you, they open their hearts and you might as well be a part of the family.  I’m looking forward to bringing what I’ve learned home with me.  Time to wake up.  I've enjoyed you Russia!

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