Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Enchanted to Meet You

My Recent Romp aROund RUSSia HaS me in Sincerely High SpiRitS: similar to the lovers spell in a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” or waking up from a Ambien induced “Sleeping Beauty” type of nap.  Whatever it is, I can feel the shift, and I welcome it. 

Pops of spring are budding all over the city and in the most unexpected ways.  Sometimes the imagery has nothing to do with spring at all, but sparks inspiration devoted to that season nonetheless.  Some being a mythical kind grunge (imagine gnomes in plaid and Dr. Martens), floral explosions, jet setting, blue crush colored waves, the color orange, pastel toned hair, dream lands, space age fashion, dainty bias cut dresses, singing, rogue behavior, “Riding in Cars with [unruly attractive] Boys," beautifully doe eyed creatures and jellyfish kites. 

These are a few of my favorite things at the moment.  That’s the mystery of the seasons, what they bring.  What’s spring ushering in for you? Don't be shy...xox

Photos By: tumblr.com/ smile-fall.tumblr.com

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