Thursday, March 8, 2012

Four Square

T-Shirt:Vintage/ Acid Wash Jeans:F21/ Plaid Rap:FYLO/ Platform Boots:Vintage/ Leather Wristlet:DIY/ Chain Maille Bracelet:Urban Wire Works

THE 4 SQuaRE tREnd CiRcuLATing THRouGh TheSe PicS waS an HoneSt MiStake, but nonetheless a perfect one!

This vintage Bon Jovi t-shirt is another compliment from Autie Coco’s closet.  This woman was sooooo down in her hay day!  I mean just living life.  I actually think this t-shirt is one of her ex’s from the 80’s (the coveted “boyfriend tee”).  But you know what they say, “another mans trash is another mans potpourri” or at least that’s what they said on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – I know, very random movie relation. 

Anywho I love the leisure of this t-shirt.  You put it with anything and it instantly takes your look to Kilimanjaro type heights!  Trust me, it’s amazing what you can do w/ your average t-shirt. I’ll show you what I mean very soon and “[I’ll] be back kicking ass!” xoxo

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