Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweater: Vintage/ Suede Skirt: Alfani/ Boots: Vintage Joan & David

Love and i aRRiVed in St. peterSBuRG ThiS AFteRnooN! After combing through The Golden Ring, we returned to Moscow where I packed an overnight bag and the 2 of us hauled ars’ to catch the train to St. Petersburg.  I can’t begin to describe the train ride because I slept throughout the entirety.  When I came to, we were a short distance from our destination and the time read around 3pm. 

Love’s Babushka, or granny, lives in St. Petersburg (another lovely and touristy part of Russia), and we’ll been staying with her during our short stint here!  Let me say that her grandmother is a DI-VA!  She may appear to be a bit frail and faintly hard of hearing, but she is tre-chic’ with all the pep in her step.  The stories this woman has are incredible.  Some dating as far back as the early 1900s – chick might as well be Catherine Breshkovsky, the original Babushka of the Russian Revolution, with all the knowledge that she has to pour into you!

Her presence alone was a true inspiration, and my look followed suit.  I opted for a homely, Western European inspired sweater, suede skirt and my favorite pair of vintage Joan and David boots.  Later that day, Love and I perused parts of St. Petersburg and came across a Babushka or Matryoshka doll set.  Of course I bought it!  At least I can take this Babushka home.

Heading back to Moscow in a few days for one last hoorah, then back to reality...tell you all about it very soon. xox 

PS: Excuse my large looking bust, my breasts don't normally appear this voluptuous - must be the sweater!

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