Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love @ First Sight

AaaaaAhhh, I made it to RussiA’s highly eSteemed, Golden Ring today, and damn it feels good to get out of Moscow.  Let it be known, Moscow is not a bad place – albeit for tourists, you might as well be a 3 legged centaur hobbling through the pebbled streets and you’d still go unnoticed.  There’s just no time for ya pal.
Paisley Printed Top & Shawl: Vintage/ Reworked Pleated Skirt: Vintage/ Shoes: Silvia Tcherassi

I’ve nicknamed Moscow the move city, because everyone’s on the go go go.  You might say I’ve adopted the mantra after deciding to rerun a top today for the sake of time.  I was able to hitch a ride to The Golden Ring thanks to a trusted gent and his wife whom I met at my hotel, but they made it painstakingly clear that we were to leave at 7am sharp.  So this vintage paisley print top worn in Moscow is now my Golden Ring top with the help of a few minor styling faux pas, (which aren’t at all in my book).  Shawls make the perfect top substitutes.  You can drape them, tie them, tuck them, whichever; you can always count on a shawl/scarf to save the day.  This shawl was my savior this morning, helping reclaim time that would have otherwise been spent frantically looking for a look.  

The Golden Ring is northeast of Moscow and home of some of the most beautiful Russian monuments I’ve ever seen – although I’ve never seen them before now so they are the most beautiful.  The cities set old country style and full of scenic Russian history, you know, the touristy stuff.  The couple I hitched with drove me into Kostroma where I toured its 17th century Resurrection church – unbelievable.  I met a young woman was a very complicated Russian name but it meant Love, so she asked me to call her that instead.  Such a sweet name for an adorably kind young lady.  Turns out she’s an art curator and is touring Russia for inspiration and to reacquaint herself with her country.  Thank you GAAAWWWD!  She’s down to travel with me the rest of my trip.  I love pleasant surprises in foreign countries!  xoxo

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