Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eat Me

I’ve always admired the arts (all kinds, doesn’t matter), and over the past year you can say I’ve kind of submerged myself in it.  So I was super pumped when I was informed of the Bellevue Art Museum’s “Ignite” exhibition: “Meditation Rave.”  Imagine 3 floors of awe-spiring meditative art.  I felt like Alice in my own enchanted wonderland when I entered.  The “eat me” tart was the entire 2nd floor, where I was shrunken down and swallowed by sensational works.  Over on the 3rdfloor, I was met with the “drink me” potion and shot up to beanstalk proportions after getting in my zone during the guided meditative class.

Kaylee Cole & I/Photo By: Wendy Simons

Dirk Staschke was probably one of my favorites.  He, ironically, was in the “drink me” room, and had work that ranged from delectable to extremely unappetizing sculptures of food.  The most appealing dishes were his fake pastries that seemed too real.  My tummy growled (most likely because it was underfed), when I stared at them, and I kept wanting to reach out and help myself to a plate.  It had me thinking, what makes the food we eat real?  Is it the fact that our bodies can digest it, or is it the cravings associated with food that makes it edible, because I experienced similar cravings while looking at something that would otherwise be considered inedible?  Not sure of his intentions, but I appreciate you Mr. Staschke for bringing forth such a thought! 

After I’d had my share of shrinking and growing, I made my way back downstairs and listened to a musical performance by Kaylee Cole (very talented young lady, kudos), and ate oatmeal chocolate chip cookies compliments of Pinckney Cookie CafĂ© – thanks mister. 

I had a blast, and highly suggest checking out the exhibition if you’re in Washington or Bellevue for that matter.  That place is brimming with wonders and fullness.  I’ll definitely be back, thank you Tanja for having me!

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