Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seeing Stars

Dress & Beaded Clutch:Vintage / Shoes:Steve Madden

 Sometimes Clothing can Remind You of something as plaiN as a thimble, as random as the constellations or as delicate as your own collar bone.  How clothing transcends a memory is what gives it its power.  They’re like walking memorabilia of ones past, present and future, depending on the memory being made at the time.  I gravitate towards my own 'memory jumper cables,' these vintage day dresses!  The prints are always so pleasant and dainty and the cotton fabric falls so gracefully.  I become enmeshed in the tiny details and feel so...(don’t get the wrong idea folks) but, provocative and sultry.  Maybe its the flash of neckline or the inconspicuously obvious draping along the backside, whatever it is I understand why women felt like women back in the day.

This dress took me to the stars yesterday evening, where I dined with friends and waltzed on a cloud.  You couldn’t have asked for a better dress on a clearer night!

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