Saturday, February 25, 2012

Link Me In

I’Ve ACQUIREd aN IMmEnSe aMOUNT of Scrap Fabric from my Vintage aRtS and CraftS QueStS. I salvaged some leather strips, and chains from an underused necklace and decided to make something of the 2.  The result, these edgy leather chain wristlets! 

You’ll need two (2) 3 ½ x 1 ½ inch bands of leather (depending on the size of your wrist), two (2) 6 inch strands of leather suede cording, 12 small grommets, a small grommet tool, a hammer (to lock in grommets) needle nose pliers, scissors, single links and small sized chains in assorted lengths.
Cut 3 holes – the size of your grommets – on the opposite end of each leather band and fasten your grommets accordingly.  Each leather band should have a total of 6 holes and grommets.

Once the grommets have been attached use your needle nose pliers to connect one single link to the 2 grommets on the outer part of your leather band.  Do not close the link until you attach your chain.  Each leather band should have a total of 4 links.

Now’s the time to add your chains.  Connect one end of your 1st chain to one of the open links and close it with your needle nose pliers.  Take the other end of your chain and connect it to the link 1 ½ inches away.  Close that link.  Add 2 more links and repeat on the other side of your leather band so that each band has a total of 6 chains.

Lace your leather suede cording through your new wristlet and tie it.

On the outer side of your wrist it’ll appear your sporting a leather cuff, but on the inside is a glistening chain party!

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