Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Beat

 Brocade Blazer & Floral Blouse: Vintage, Jeans: Machine Denim, Boots: Talbots, Leather Belt: Ex, Turquoise Maltese Earrings: Vintage

“Gimme a BEAT!”  Not a Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation beat, but a 1950’s, rebels without a cause and loving it Beatniks Generation beat!  I’m such a sucker for the Beat Generation of the 1950’s and 60’s, not only because of its old school grudge fashions but because of the freedom that spawned from that time. 

American post WWII writers such as Jack Kerouac breathed life into the word controversial in the 50's with their unexpurgated literature – their work was as racy as racy could be at that time, and I imagine that was pretty damn racy.  I have such an admiration for The Beat Generation and the revolution it created for the 70’s.  My look has that Beat flare: modern with a touch of old English and ambiguity.  I dipped into the current print on print trend by doubling up on florals with my vintage brocade carpet blazer and sheer floral blouse and left the bottom half old school rocker.  The oxymoron the look creates is my favorite part!  Gotta love a good oxymoron.  I swear I belong in the 60’s...

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