Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Orewa Soundtrack

 Ankara Top: Nigeria, Turtleneck: F21, Jeans: Hint Denim, Shoes: Silvia Tcherassi, Belt: Ex, Handbag: Laughing Buddha

Photos By: Adriana Vargas

Orewa means BEAUTIFUL in YORUBA, and beautiful is this song by Nneka, the Nigerian-German born artist.  I’ve been down with her music for sometime now.  She’s a true revolutionist in the making.  Many of us are influenced by music; we enmesh ourselves in it and allow it to take us away.  I do it more than I should.  This particular artist’s soundtrack influenced my style today (and various other days); her hymns remind me of the strength of Nigeria and its splendor, so I wear it bountifully on my shoulders.  I felt like a warrior queen, and somewhere in between the strum of her guitar to the closing lyrics, I was dressed like one – while keeping Seattle weather conditions in mind, there’s a rumor that it may snow!

This black and mahogany Ankara blouse with butterfly sleeves was gifted to me by my mum.  It’s such a simple style but incredibly beautiful... so it became the beautiful soundtrack for this day.


  1. love the look its different than every day fashion you see, so much culture in just a top!