Monday, January 9, 2012

Wrap Me Up in Your Love

Blazer: Vintage Dolce and Gabbana, Pashmina Scarf: Gifted, Leggings: Charlotte Russe, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell, Sunnies: Vintage Cazals, Turquoise Maltese Earrings: Vintage

IM BAACCK!  Muuaahahahaha, (eerie laugh to add to the effect).  But my return to Seattle is far from daunting. 

This city welcomed me back with its outstretched branches, bright smile and mountainous love.  I was so distracted by its adoring embrace that I dressed a little too lightly, for lack of a better term, (the arrival of the sun does not necessarily mean the arrival of warmth around these parts).  In an attempt to disguise the nippy temperatures being displayed through my white t, I transformed my pashmina scarf into a top through some trick and quick draping.  Finally able to carry on with my day without alerting onlookers, I let the plants know how elated I was to see them, played “rain on me” with the ripened leaves, wedged myself in-between some love making bushes and even received a cheerful hello from the local hazardous waste guy, (we don’t play when it comes to our waste).  Isn’t he a gent! 

Boy oh boy it feels good to be back!  I missed you guys, but then again I never really left you ;) xox


  1. Well, welcome back. And you look sunny as usual. Love the scarf and blazer combo.

    Girlie Blog

  2. Great Look! Loving the scarf and blazer!