Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shibuya Love: Dream Travels

Brocade Faux Fur Vest & Ribbed Tangerine Skirt: Vintage, Printed T-shirt: Macys, Black Knee-High Tights: American Apparel, Bangles: Gifted

As promised, I’m here in Shibuya-boo and I believe I may be suffering from sensory overload.  This town is teaming with life and culture.  Yohji and I met our friend Tsumori at Hachiko Square, and from there we took to the Shibuya 1-0-9 district. 

Shibuya is one of the central shopping and nightlife locations here in Tokyo, mostly dominated by young-ins and tourists. Representing the electro pop and jazz movement of the Shibuya fashion scene, I kept my look funky and hip.  The style vibe here is incredible.  Remember the pivotal moment in your childhood when your mum allowed you to dress yourself, and you haphazardly threw on every item of clothing imaginable – well that’s Shibuya fashion.  It’s an art form: a rare mix of cultures, lifestyles and personal taste; it is whatever they want it to be, and they do it so well!  I felt like a real rookie, but Tsumori approved of my look so it’s all good. 

We ended the night at what appeared to be a little hole in the wall diner, but through the back, and down the metal stairs the party was live!  I danced with the Ganguro girls, or maybe they were Yamanba, I’m not quite sure?  I guess I haven’t been here long enough to tell the difference.  It was a very entertaining evening to say the least!  Tomorrow I’m closing my visit with a trip to the zoo!  Is it odd that I can’t wait to see the Japanese giant salamander?
Xox.  Have a lovely Wednesday.

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  1. O goshhh! Enjoy your trip and take in loads of inspiration. I'm slightly jealous...only slightly though hehe


  2. Made my way back to your blog and am happy to read about your Tokyo adventure! how cute!

  3. welcome back @ Cate! and thanku @ spitting glitter (adorable name by the way)!