Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Stop: Dream Travels

Hand Knit Sweater & Black Shorts: Vintage, Tights: H&M, Boots: Vintage, Chain Maille Bracelet: Urban Wire Works, Pink Watch: Fireworks

Sadly the trip is coming to a bitter sweet close.  I chose to celebrate through my wardrobe – black for my unsettling departure, with a sartorial twist: a lovable koala.  I can’t be too down with this buddle of cuteness on my chest! 

I took the Shinkansen or Japanese bullet train to the Ueno Zoo (oldest zoo in Japan), and yes, I did get to see the Japanese Giant Salamander.  Great Scott that thing was immense!  Luckily I didn’t get the daunting reptilian vibe from him.  To the contrary, I thought he was kinda cute, but that may be because of the “cute” bug lurking all over Japan.  I’m pretty sure I caught the darn thing.

Yohji closed the evening with homemade Domburi, which is basically rice topped with delicious goodness like tempura, egg, chicken and veggies.  He was such a fantastic host!  Although I’m not elated by the idea of saying Sayonara to Japan, imagining where my next fashion travels will take me keep me well beyond amused!

I hope you have a beautiful start to your weekend.  Xox

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