Monday, December 5, 2011

Konichiwa: Dream Travels

Perforated Sweater, Tweed Skirt & Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Alice & Olivia 4 Payless, Tights: Nordstrom, Bracelet: Nigeria

I had another visit from the invisible wise man last night, this time he was sporting an extravagant pill box hat that looked as if it belonged to the Queen herself, but I guess he’s got his own swag.  Anyway, he asked me where I’d like to travel to, my response: Japan!  So the next morning I packed and began my adventure. 

After meeting my friend, Yohji, at the Narita International airport, we were off to Tokyo’s ultra modern district of Daikanyama.  This place is minimalism to the max – think angelic school girl (depending on the area), sharp lines and clean shoes.  So minding the weather (the winters here aren’t as friendly as I presumed), I sported a simple tweed a-line skirt and perforated knit sweater.  We did sushi for lunch at the most adorable place.  Whoever thought of the idea of making origami out of American money was a genius, serves a much more satisfying purpose than simply burning holes in my pockets.  I bought this sweet Hello Kitty aka Kitty White brooch at the restaurant, thank you Ms. Shimizu!  After being here for only a day I’ve decided to start a collection of all things Kitty – they’re just so darn cute, everything here is so stinking cute, my goodness! 

Tomorrow we’re meeting up with our friend Tsumori to visit the funky side of Shibuya and its fashion, (imagine Harujuku on steroids).  Can’t wait to experience the social scene – I hope the locals approve of what I brought, if not, they may vote me off the island...

Till next time!

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