Friday, December 2, 2011


Late the other night while sleeping, I fell into a melodic dream where reality met fantasy.  Imagine Cinderella in Dorothy’s ruby red slippers in the Emerald city, (it was that bizarre).  I was met by a wise man whom I could not see, yet he wore fine silver and a woolen cap.  He appointed me with a pair of satin stiletto black booties. “Click the heels at your will” he said. 

“Excuse me, sir, I’m going to need some clarification here,” I sputtered. 

He responded “what is your will?”

“Fashion of fantasy” I answered.

“It is as you say,” he said.  Then he vanished, actually I’m not sure where he ran off to, the man was already invisible.  Point being he left me to go run some wise man errands of some kind. 

When I awoke I thought, "if reality can transform into fantasy in a dream, why not the reverse?"... it’s time to take some fanatical travels. You are more than welcome to join of course, wouldn't want to go without you!

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