Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aspen Air

White Bolero: Vintage Imagnin; Skirt, Shoes & Lucite Hand Bag: Vintage

While venturing through the icy pass, back to Seattle after a recent trip to Wenatchee (for all you non-Washingtonians, the pass is a mountain or what I would call a precipice covered entirely in snow), I began to daydream about Aspen, and how a woman of style and grace would go about dressing in a place with what seems to be only one season.  Initially what come to mind are parkas, cable knit sweaters and snow boots, but my imagination knows of no such thing.  My trip to Aspen wouldn’t be short of kitten heels, 60’s knits and tailored bolero’s and of course lucite baubles – the Coolio/Basquiat hairdo was a last minute attempt to see how creative I could get with my locs, looks like I proved that they can be they’re own work of art.

My Aspen interpretation sprung out of bed after returning from my weekend in Wenatchee and strutted down the cemented streets of Seattle in all her Aspen-eque glory!  If anyone asks, I’m not you’re average Aspeneite, I’m a special class who have adapted to the Aspen Air and dress accordingly!

I love a good daydream.  I wonder where my next one will take me?

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