Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What's in the Bag IV

Hello folks, what’s in my baggy you ask?  Lots of toys for the good girls and boys, (the holidays are on their way and you know Santa’s checking)! 

Let’s start with the stylishly stimulating Autore magazine.  The Australian publication features fashion on an international basis, meaning they scope the world for what may or may not be considered hot or on the scene.  Whether it is or not I appreciate their variety!  Moving on, I copped these handcrafted pieces of jewelry by Webalina Couture from this past Thread trade show here in Seattle.  The earrings are made of rose quartz and the necklace (so purrty) turquoise and sapphires.  Both are rapped in a Swarovski crystal embedded chain.

I also came upon a rare style of vintage Laura Biagiotti sunnies.  What struck me was the chevron print decorating the frame of the glasses – so Missoni, yet they’re Laura B’s.  Ultimately I could not part without them.  Where and when would I ever find such a gem!

The Birkenstock-ess heels were a treat to myself compliments of  I already own a pair of Birkenstock sandals – I know, I’m such a Seattleite – why not add a heel in the same style?  It seemed logical enough to me, therefore my purchase was justified.  Plus they were extremely discounted, gotta love that.

I’m always switching up my facial products, I know.  But I think I’ve found the key to excellent skin!  Exfoliate and moisturize.  You may have already known but it’s new news to me.  The Clinique toner and acne lotion are a good addition to my new regime which includes deep exfoliation with a loofah 3x a week and moisturizing my skin with extra virgin olive oil just before I hit the hay.  It may sound absurd, but my skins been eating it up and looking and feeling silky smooth.

What else do I have in this thing?  Let’s see, my battered and bruised blackberry, my MAC powder, Vickys Secret soothing lip balm, my Mary Kay tinted balm as well as my MK lip mask (highly suggest for winters chap attacks), my planner, biz cards and wallet.

Enjoy your Wednesday.  Until next time. xox

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