Monday, October 31, 2011

Style Junkie

Hello, my name is Abiola and I’m a style junkie. 

Every fiber in my body, ok not every single itsy bitsy one but most of them, want to explore the fashions of every decade, continent and culture, and I see no reason why not.  It’s time for a re-birth of time changers, risk takers and the like.  As you can see, I’m sportin’ Paris on my head, Asia on my chest and legs and Europe on my feet!  Express yo’ self people.  We are the statement makers, the lush fashion houses look to us just as much as they look to past decades.  Let’s give them something to talk about, better yet let’s show them what real style is about.  It doesn’t require your money, fancy soiree’s or glossy magazines, all it requires is belief in yourself and cutting the reins to let your creative freedom ring!

Happy Hallows Eve!

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