Friday, October 28, 2011


Photo By: Brynn Bear

Pretty fancy aaayyy?  Dress meet everybody, everybody meet dress!  You may remember this fuchsia number from the last Viva la Vintage.  I wore the 1970’s chevron knitted gown (chevron print being the triangular patterns of the knit decorating the dress, yes the same print that Missoni capitalized on), the other evening while out with friends.  It was definitely over the top for the occasion at hand, but what’s the fun in it if you can’t go all out? 

The other day I asked myself: “self, what is it about vintage that entices you?”  I felt it necessary to ask after re-familiarizing myself with my closet and finding that majority of it was vintage.  I had a grad ol' time sitting on the floor, refreshing my memory on each decade.  There it was, the answer.  Vintage holds a level of quality that can’t be found from even the most opulent designers.  It’s a quality that’s sought after but can never really be replicated.   A relic of the past, it holds a piece of history – a history that has made fashion what it is today.  The 50’s madmen style, the maxi fever of the 70’s, Dior’s “New Look?”  Aren’t these the styles currently washing through the fashion airwaves as we speak, I wonder where they get it from?  My love for vintage is simply an appreciation for something that was, way before my time.  An admiration for a vision that created an arena that we call fashion. 

But hey, that’s only my opinion.  What’s yours?  Why do you love, or dare I say, dislike vintage?

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