Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Forest Green Mohair Sweater & Belt: Vintage, Houndstooth Scarf: Gifted, Acid Wash Jeans: F21, Booties: Vintage Stacy Adams

It has come.  Fall has reared...its gorgeous head here in Seattle!  You thought I was going to say ugly, there's nothing ugly about fall - the trees look as if they're on steroids, the winds always whipping about and the air smells so sweet, it's like summer on acid!  Temperatures have dropped and “baby it’s cold outside!”  I think I love the colder seasons particularly because of that song, and other obvious perks, such as layering beyond reason, hibernating in the folds of your favorite comforter whenever you have the opportunity and binge eating on holiday sweets!  Yes, I do indulge in all three perks. 

Fall weather screams oversized grandpa sweaters.  You can never have too many during this time of year.  They’re simple, they go with everything and holiday binge eating goes unnoticed, (that’s my favorite part)!  Simply cinch your waist with a belt and you and your grandpa sweater are good to go.  Ms. Coco Chanel was definitely in her right mind when she introduced such a staple into womenswear.  J’adore grandpapa sweater Chanel!  I wonder if she was trying to mask some major holiday binging as well?  Next time I run into that darn Karl I’ll make sure to ask him.

Have a lovely Friday.  Keep warm! xox

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