Monday, November 7, 2011


Dress: Drifter, Turtleneck: F21, Tights: Express, Leather Booties: Talbots, Necklace: Gifted

Groovy baby, yeahhhhhh!  I guess I was in a psychedelic mood when I put this look together, unbeknownst to me, because as soon as I was done dressing I felt like I had just walked right out of a London club scene circa 1960!  And that’s alright, it’s ultra dynamite – whoops, wrong era – anywho, you know what I’m saying so slide me some skin. 

If the 1960s mod era is your time (yours as in an area of interest not of actual birth, although if you were born during such a time more power to you), use some of the pieces you have at home to recreate a mod look.  Utilize some of your favorite black tights, those unworn turtlenecks and a pair of ankle booties to embody the revolutionary mod look of the 60’s. Throw a box cut dress over your poetess mod look to modernize it up! 

The mod or modern era was ultra heavy baby!  It included fashion, music featuring Afro soul, British beats and rnb, art culture and an array of other amphetamine influences which I leave to your imagination.  It was the birth of the new generation of youth, and they were wild as hell!  Love it.

Have a groovy day! xox

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